Zamzam General Contracting Co. Ltd


            It is a first class classification company. It is specialized in Constructions Contracts which include all types of buildings and their developments, and works related to demolishing of buildings, structures and tanks. In addition to implementing of projects (Water Treatment, Sewerage, Irrigation…etc), and different kinds of electrical & mechanical works. It also focuses on & activity in the fields of Hydroelectric power projects (all types and volumes of dams, hydro-tunnels, etc.) reclamation system for irrigation and drainage in all type of soil, various traffic projects ( highways, tunnels, etc.) geological investigations, municipal and industrial hydro technical projects (water supply and sewerage). 


          Soruh ZamZam has a Joint Venture with Bayaty Architects and Engineering Consults Bureau to provide all architectural and engineering consultancies for Soruh ZamZam in Iraq strengthened in all documents, papers, maps and designs.

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