Zamzam International for General Trading

ZamZam International for General Trading is one of the group that contributed to an active role in the construction and rebuilding of Iraq, where the company has a great asset of successful business transactions in general trading and over the last ten years through a lot of commercial contracts for the processing of construction and reconstruction projects for the public sector companies and the combined and private that works in the construction and rehabilitation of infrastructure facilities.

The company is always keep to provide the best performances and results to clients through the adoption honored at the accumulated experience of the administrative and technical staff to ensure continuity of trade cooperation between them and the clients customers. The role of the company's focus on the promotion and distribution of products from many manufacturers and by virtue of our experience and our knowledge of the needs of the Iraqi market for this able to distribute many of the products to become one of the names required in the market.

 That trade is the key element in the development of the country, and for this we have to expand our business to respond to the requirements of the Iraqi market.

Our company has worked in the processing of all materials and equipment needed by the Iraqi ministries and companies.

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