Human Resources

A. Human Resources and Relationship:



Human resources management is represent the main element to organize the relationship between our establishment and the employees, it aimed to achieve its goals & their goals, it applied by a bunch of special activities & programs to get the human resources then developing, investing, evaluating its duty, preserve and keep it effective.
No doubt that behind the success of each successful establishment is a successful human resource management. Our group is following the policies below in managing their human resource:

1-       The high authority management attention & obligation in programs of Human resources.

2-       Engagement of human resources manager with the Company's chairman.

3-       Authorizing the responsibilities for the low managing levels in organization to enable them to adopt the right decisions at the right time.

4-       Encourage the workers by adopting decisions.

5-       Pay attention to the company's policies concerning attracting, choose and developing skills of the employees.

6-       Adopting human resources planning as a main part of complete strategic planning to the company.

7-       Establishing opened inner network for sides, as well as using the modern technology in the business.

8-       Employing promotion policy and searching for qualified persons as to get red of any extra expenditure to search for persons from outside, as well as in order to   give opportunity for new employees to reach high managing positions.

9-       Adopting decreasing the work circling ranges policy by good & active way in chooses, training and motivating.

10-       Employ the equity in treatment with all and achieve the balance between the organization & workers interests.

11-       Hiring university graduate who have excellent degrees and have oral & written communication.

Our group has followed policy and strict system to take care of the employees & workers; here we can clarify the following steps in these fields:

1-       Finding out better work circumstances enables the workers to perform their duties in a good shape then increase their production & financial gains.

2-       Considering health care & safety for the workers by providing them with health and social insurance, also provide health services & industrial safety equipment.

3-       Organize weekly and monthly lectures for the labors that explain to them company's work style and the departments which they work.

4-       Involving labors in training courses and technical lectures about machines and equipments that they deal with, and the supplied materials to the clients concern commercial department employees in the company.

5-       Arranging for delegations from our company to attend international conferences, exhibitions as well as economic & scientific seminars inside Iraq.

6-       Grant letter of recommendation, evaluation certificate and gifts for the labors from the profits that are achieved by the company which also share in motivate the workers, then push them to increase their productivity.

7-       Organizing field visits to the work areas of the clients that will be supplied with material by our company.

8-       Labor's participation in celebration organized by the company, and arranges regular tourist & entertainment trip.

B. Human Relationship with Client:

One of aims is customers' satisfaction, gain their trust in our company and the production quality that we submit to them, Hence our relation with the client is distinguished by the fallowing:

1-       Concentrate on the goods quality presented by the client, they should be with high quality, so our company is aware to cooperate with the well-known international companies and have very good reputation, so we looking for getting an ISO certificate to our management.

2-       Monitoring the supplied material performance to the client after sale, in case of any problems occurring, we shall cooperate with him to fix the and knowing his opinion about the quality of these materials.

3-       Holding meetings with the client to know his current & future requirements as well as any impediments also inviting representative from the end user to visit our company and meet our staff to enable each party to understand each other.

4-       Participating with the client in celebrations and private occasions and Chrisman.

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